First of all, I want to say thank you for writing for me. :-)

I must admit, I was very excited when I stumbled across a mention of the AU Exchange and went looking to see if it was what it sounded like - and it was! I am very fond of good AUs, both of the completely different setting type* and of the this-small-thing-was-different-and-here-are-the-repercussions type. I am very much looking forward to seeing all the fic that's going to come of this exchange.

*well, except coffee shop and high school AUs, which I must shamefully admit I've never seen the point of.

Right, a few general likes and dislikes in fic before we get to fandoms.

Things I generally like in fic: slash and gen; plot; snark; fluff; banter; happy endings; awesome characters being awesome; crack; twisty plots; surprises.
Dislikes & squicks: non-con; a/b/o, seme/uke, sub/dom and any and all similar power dynamic tropes; very kinky sex (heavy bdsm, watersport, etc.); underage; kidfic; bestiality; mpreg; pwp; genderswap; incest; OC love interests.

If you're the type that likes to stalk your recipient I'd recommend taking a look at my tumblr.

And now - the fandoms:

MCU and TV

Frank Castle, Robbie Reyes

AU: dragon!au
It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no fandom that cannot benefit from a nice dragon AU. I don't particularly care whether we're talking dragon riders or dragon shapeshifting or urban fantasy or a more full fantasy world. I am just always curious about the insertion of dragons.

AU: that time the Spirit of Vengeance and the Punisher met and became friends
Frank Castle and Robbie Reyes interest me, because they are two of the darkest characters in the current MCU (and not just because they get a fair amount of night time scenes) and very much alike, really - and it'd be so easy to create a narrative where they end up enemies. I'd just like to see them, well - not ending up as enemies? They are both scary and driven to protect/avenge family and I'd love to see the MCU versions of these characters interact.

DC Comics

Barry Allen, Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Relationship: Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

AU: Barry Allen is cast out of the JLA and is adopted by the Rogues
AU: the Rogues defeat the Justice Lords and now run the world
I started reading the Flash comics because I was interested in the relationship between Barry Allen and his Rogues - enemies and yet sometimes friends. I enjoy when they stop fighting each other for five seconds - Grodd's gorilla army's invasion was lovely (though of course the Rogues took advantage to rob people as well as help them), as was the entire Forever Evil arc (this version of Leonard Snart is scarily competent and ruthless when necessary and I enjoy that.) So yeah, these two AU requests, for me, would be all about the Rogues, really.

AU: Captain Cold has been quietly married to Wonder Woman for years and never mentioned it
AU: Captain Cold starts dating Wonder Woman while working as Lex's employee
Okay, I know it probably sounds like a crack pairing, but I'm perfectly serious. (I blame robininthelabyrinth.) Mostly it's inspired by that part of the New52 comics after Forever Evil where Leonard Snart is working with the Justice League (for reasons) and comes across as having a bit of a fanboy crush on Diana (mind you, who doesn't?), and I just - want that? I would like a story about a relationship between them, and just this once, I'd like to specify that I don't want crack, not really. Fluff, all the fluff, and a happy ending, those would make me happy.

Sanctuary (TV)

James Watson, Nikola Tesla

AU: it wasn't vampire blood - it was dragon blood
Like I said under the MCU - you can always add dragons to a fandom and make me happy. For this prompt: what changes? Do the Five still get the same set of powers, do they get a different set (any firebreathers? any wings and tails and horns?) Do they turn into dragons? (Does Nikola whine about turning into a dragon or does he think it's awesome?)

AU: Nikola somehow manages to turn Watson into a vampire instead of letting him die
In this fandom, the Five are definitely my favourite characters - and I was terribly sad when Watson died, and so soon in the show. Really, I'm just hoping for fix-it fic, you know?

AU: Victorian age Watson somehow got transported to the present
The trope of "person from the past is transported to the present" is one of my favourites - and Watson was so very fascinated by Helen's future things, like her iPhone. I'd love a story where they perhaps find some way to skip ahead in time instead of Helen take the long way round, and Watson getting to interact with modern tech - and with the modern Five, such as they are.

Sense8 (TV)

Wolfgang Bogdanow, Nomi Marks, Amanita Caplan, Will Gorski, Capheus Onyango, The Cluster, Sun Bak

AU: post season 1 Wolfgang goes to the US and meets Amanita in a dark alley
So, before season 2 came out I rather enjoyed imagining the various scenarios of how the Cluster and their various partners/friends/significant others might end up encountering each other in the flesh, so to speak - and one of my favourite scenarios tended to involve a fic of Wolfgang having to leave Germany, going to America - perhaps planning to meet up with one of the Cluster, perhaps just because it's a huge country and easy to get lost - and then coming across Amanita (or Hernando, but I went with Amanita) getting mugged/attacked by bigoted assholes. Which was too much for the nomination form. Oh well...

AU: same people - same geographical distribution - around the Age of Sail
I tend to enjoy historical AUs, but at the same time, but at the same time I must admit that I'd worry that a historical AU would have to let go of the global framework to make a story work. Which is why I'm asking for Age of Sail - because this was one of the first great globalization waves. I'm curious how the Cluster would work in a world where they are not going to be able to call each other over the telephone and where all of them going to London might be possible, but it would take months or years. So yeah. Something like that?

AU: the cluster ends up accidentally bodyswapped and deaf to one another
I tend to enjoy a good bodyswap story and really, Sense8 is already halfway there, with the constant sharing. But I'd like to see a story of them coping with being stuck in the wrong bodies and having to cope with the other sensates lives without the benefit of the other's input. Will trying to act, Capheus getting distracted by how awesome everything is to even try to DJ, Nomi desperately trying to figure out how to drive a bus. Or maybe something darker - how did they end up stuck in the first place, anyway?

Vikings (TV)

Athelstan/Ragnar Lothbrok, Athelstan, Ragnar Lothbrok

AU: accidental mindlink
This one is a bit like the dragon!au. I suspect that any fandom could probably benefit from having one more fic with it.

AU: all viking warriors are animal shapeshifters and Athelstan gets initiated
I'm terribly fond of the idea of all or some of the warriors in Vikings being able to shapeshift thanks to strange, pagan magic (not every viking and not the non-warriors - not in this AU). I mean, Rollo is obviously a bear, Ragnar might be a wolf or even a raven, Lagertha is probably a bear as well (and demanded all suitors to wrestle with her in bear shape before even considering him), etc. And then poor Athelstan gets abducted and gets to be shocked and horrified at first to be surrounded by not merely pagan raiders, but pagan sorcerers! And then he just - gradually adjusts, the same way he adjusted to the vikings in the show, eventually becoming a viking warrior himself, with all the pagan shapeshifting that would imply (I must admit I'm terribly fond of imagining him as a lynx shapeshifter).

AU: au set in the universe of the Vorkosigan Saga and Athelstan is from Athos
I am terribly fond of the Vorkosigan Saga space opera universe and I would love to see a Vikings AU set in this world. And really, if you are in that world, it just makes so much sense for Athelstan to be from the monastic planet of Athos, perhaps getting kidnapped by a scary bunch of space pirates from Jackson's Whole?

AU: dragon!au
Are the vikings dragons? Is Athelstan? Or is he just treasure? Or does somebody slay a dragon? Inquiring minds want to know.

AU: modern au with Scandinavians and Athelstan the British ex-pat in Denmark
I've seen a fair number of Vikings modern AUs and somehow they always seem to be set in the US. So really, the thing I'd love to see for this one? Just a modern AU where the vikings stay Scandinavian and Athelstan stays English and comes to Scandinavia (I wrote Denmark, mostly because the real Ragnar Lothbrok (assuming he ever existed) was king of Denmark (and also because I am a Dane myself)) to stay. The vikings can be bikers, they can be hobby-reenactors at one of the Viking Age museums, they can be proper vikings (ie. people sea-bathing nude during the winter, when there is ice on the water), or something else entirely. Just - in Denmark. Just this once?

DC TV (Arrowverse)

Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Relationship: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Relationship: Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

AU: a technical mishap leads to the Waverider stranding on another Earth
Judging by The Flash, it seems as if time travel and travel between dimensions are relatively closely tied - leaving me wondering why they haven't already had the Waverider accidentally break the walls between Earths. But then, that's what an AU fic is for. Do they end up on Earth-2 meeting Mayor Snart? On Kara's world? (Mick: "Hey Skirt! You never call, you never write.") That steampunk world we saw a Wells from? Somewhere else entirely? Crossovers are very encouraged - write me the story of the Waverider crashing on the Discworld, splashing - uhm, maybe not splashing - right into the River Ankh and I'll adore it to pieces. Or have them stranded in the MCU or somewhere.

AU: AU set in the same universe as Lauren Beukes' novel Zoo City
If you're not familiar with the novel, then it's a South African urban fantasy that has a somewhat darker twist on the idea of a Daemon AU than what we usually see. Basically, since the late 20th century, some people have been getting Animals - and along with them various magical talents. Mind you, to get an Animal you need to have a life on your conscience, meaning that naturally the Animalled are a mildly put stigmatized bunch of people. And there's the part where, if your Animal gets killed, you'll be ripped to pieces by mystical forces. It's not a nice or romantic or fun thing to be Animalled. You don't even automatically get an "appropriate" animal - seriously, the novel has an Afghan warlord who had a penguin. That said, it's an excellent book and I recommend it.

Anyway, having read the novel I found myself badly wanting an AU of this set in the Arrowverse featuring Len and Mick - because really, there's no doubt they would be Animalled. What would their talents be in this verse? What Animals do they get? Or tell me the story of Barry Allen coming to see them after the first time he takes a life and finds himself Animalled and needing help with coping? Or something entirely different?

AU: centaur!Mick Rory
I might be overly invested in the idea of Mick Rory as a centaur. As in a really big one. Think one of the big draught breeds, like a Shire horse. But really - any kind of au, whether everybody are some sort of centaurs or it's just Mick, whether it's urban fantasy or some sort of historical fantasy or pure fantasy or Mick is some type of space alien that just looks like a centaur or a visitor from another Earth. Just. Give me centaur!Mick?

AU: Heatwave for President
Yeah, okay, this would probably be a cracky AU, but think about it. Mick Rory is already practically a Founding Father! He's very good at giving inspirational speeches! And he might be a crook, but at least he's honest about it. I'd love a story about his - possibly (probably?) accidental) bid for the Presidency. I mean, if Lex Luthor can regularly get elected president in other versions of the DC world, why not Mick?


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