Wauw, 500 years as an official navy kind of navy. And most of those with those pretty wooden sailing ships :-)

Which reminds me, I haven't actually remembered to squee about the royal-twins-to-be, have I? Right, ahem: SQUEEE! Alright, done, you can come out now. :-)

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( Jul. 24th, 2010 08:06 pm)
Well, it might not quite have been worth getting laser surgery and waiting in line for nearly an hour, but the view was awesome :-) (and if the line had just been a little shorter later that evening I might have seen it post-sunset with all the lights on, too - maybe next time.)

Also, on a completely and utterly unrelated note, what amuses me most about the possibly-a-stone-age-dildo they've found in Sweden, is the thought that Jean M. Auel tends to incorporate actual archaeological finds in her works and lets her dear heroine invent pretty much everything that side of the steam engine - I wonder if the next novel will feature a bit where hero and heroine gets seperated and the heroine feels particularly - lonely (considering most of that series, it wouldn't exactly be out of place...)

Why yes, I had questionable taste as a twelve-year-old. Why did you want to know? Anyway, was actually busy reading Vorkosigan novels...


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