I am ridiculously mad at Legends of Tomorrow today. Just saying. I mean, there's bad writing and OOC and character assassination, and then there's having someone straight up murder the person he previously sacrificed his life for.

What I've recently finished reading

Cullen Bunn: Lobo: Beware His Might
I still don't get why somebody decided to suddenly make Lobo young and hot. It's all wrong.

Kieron Gillen: The Wicked + The Divine: Commercial Suicide.
This comic book series really is gorgeous, but while the entire fan culture/religious mysteries thing is interesting, it really needs to start actually revealing some of its secrets and mysteries. (Though I like how apparently they need to keep Sekhmet drunk to keep her from killing people all over the place.)

Maria Turtschaninoff: Anaché: myter från akkade
On one hand, this is an extremely well-written book with a gorgeous setting and a fascinating spirit world. It has an interesting, clever, good main character, and there are many things to like, between the gorgeous descriptions of life among the akkade, the spirit animals and also Anaché's marriage. I liked that bit quite a lot. The plot twist was interesting - not the most original, but well done. I just - I just wish this fantasy society didn't have to be so very patriarchal and oppressive, and the villain hadn't had to be essential a misogynist.

What I'm reading now

G.D. Falksen's A Long-Awaited Treachery, which has been put a little on the backburner, Bernard Cornwell's The Empty Throne, which at least didn't start with the main character losing all he had won last book for a change, and Andrzej Sapkowski The Last Wish, which might be winning me over, if the rest of it is as entertaining as the retelling of the Beauty and the Beast.

What I'm reading next

I'm in the middle of three books, meme, give me a chance? But if all goes well, possibly a tourist book on Bali.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 68
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