First of all, thank you so very, very much for being willing to write a story for little me :-)

Likes: crossovers, slash, character focused tales, twisting plots, happy endings
Dislikes: non-con, slave-fic, very dark tales, mpreg, always-a-girl/boy-AUS, character bashing, very kinky sex (as in very BDSM, watersports, etc), lack of actual plot.

Requests - Scandinavia and the World, Kindred the Embraced, Kitty Norville, Vorkosigan saga )

I just wanted to mention that I have lost my heart completely and utterly to a tiny webcomic known as "Scandinavia and the World". I am in - well, not love, but something that implies how utterly adorable it is.

Ahem, now, [ profile] oneiriad, be serious and tell the nice people why it's adorable worth checking out. It's basically a lot of tiny stories featuring the country spirits of various countries, primarily the Scandinavian ones - the stories tend toward fun and silly, and the countries? Awesome. Strangely enough, Denmark, while alright, is my least favourite. But there's Iceland - who is sparkly enough to give a Cullen sparkle-envy and drives huge cars and has a penis museum, there's Sister Japan and Sister America bonding over slash, there's odd bits of history and news and of course, there is snarky Sweden, bad-ass Finland and just plain BAMF Åland and the whole adorable dysfunction around those three (because Sweden/Åland is pretty much already one of my most favourite fictional couples around).

And I am so going to have to nominate this for yuletide, aren't I?


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