Since my books are currently packed up - is there anything in canon about Cordelia's grandparents, Miles' Betan great-grandparents? Enquiring minds and all that...

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( Jul. 5th, 2011 06:59 pm)

I'd love to see a crossover where Tyrion Lannister and Mark Vorkosigan meet. Because they have a surprising amount in common - snarky, annoyingly perfect older brothers, messed up father (figure)/son relationship. Alas, I'll probably not be the one writing it, cause the only thing I've got - apart from a vague idea of Westeros being on an extremely lost colony world (or maybe a Haut experiment gone so very wrong) is the sentence "That's your annoyingly perfect big brother?!"
Being a silly person, I finally succombed to temptation and bought this, despite my French being both rusty and not too great to begin with:


That would be the French comic book version of The Warrior's Apprentice - art by one José Maria Beroy - well, the first third of The Warrior's Apprentice, to be precise - 48 pages, stopping right before Miles and his merry band of misfits board the mercenary vessel (which means no Bel nor Tung yet :-( ). The publisher has published other comic book versions of fantasy and science fiction novels, including Robin Hobb's Royal Assassin.

Cut because there's pictures )


I know, I know, it's a bit early for looking forward to anything Christmas, but what's a loyal Crazy Christmas Cabaret fan to do when she sees that this year's offering has been announced? *bounces*

Anyway, I can always say I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because apparently stuff sent from France makes it to Denmark a lot faster than some letters sent from Denmark makes it to other parts of Denmark, which means that there's a package waiting for me down at Døgnposten, so tomorrow I will find out of it's an awesome or a terrible thing that there is a comic book version of The Warrior's Apprentice. I'm allowed to look forward to that, right? *bounces some more*

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( Mar. 5th, 2011 08:12 pm)

Is strongly considering treating myself for general stressfulness by buying the French comic book version of The Warrior's Apprentice.

[ profile] oneiriad is crazy y/n?

When you've just got your hands on a new book, a shiny, new, lovely book - and it's the newest book in a series, an awesome series, which you love, and you have been waiting for this book, because even though you can read it free of charge online quite legally, you like physical books and you wanted to wait and now you have it and you can't wait, but at the same time, what if it isn't awesome, not that it can't possibly not be awesome, because the whole rest of the series is and how could this be any different, I mean, it's not like it's Anne McCaffrey or Stephen King or someone like that we're talking about, so of course it's awesome, but it's the only book in the series you haven't read, and once you've read it, there won't be more, unless you ever manage to get your claws into that short story that supposedly was never collected, because it was with a different publisher - and you totally would, didn't you get hold of the original collection of three short stories just to read the handful of connecting pages not in the omnibus's, but seriously, this is the last and there won't be more unless the lady writes more and of course, you can investigate those other series she's written, and you definitely will, but that doesn't change that this will be...

Do you know that feeling?

Or am I the only one ever feeling like that, like I can't wait and can't get started at the same time?

Psst. Guess the book and request a drabble? Because I'm a crazy, procrastinating girl who needs to get her writing gears going for Yuletide...

First of all, thank you so very, very much for being willing to write a story for little me :-)

Likes: crossovers, slash, character focused tales, twisting plots, happy endings
Dislikes: non-con, slave-fic, very dark tales, mpreg, always-a-girl/boy-AUS, character bashing, very kinky sex (as in very BDSM, watersports, etc), lack of actual plot.

Requests - Scandinavia and the World, Kindred the Embraced, Kitty Norville, Vorkosigan saga )
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( Aug. 31st, 2010 07:38 pm)
Bujold, Lois McMaster: Borders of Infinity, Komarr,  A Civil Campaign,  Winterfair Gifts,  Diplomatic Immunity
Behind this cut you run the risk of spoilers )

Bujold, Lois McMaster:  Falling free,  Barrayar,  The Vor game,  Cetaganda,  Ethan of Athos,  Brothers in arms,  Borders of infinity,  Mirror dance,  Memory.
Occasionally a little bit spoilery - not very. )



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