50% superheroes

31. Kimi No Wa Wa / Your Name
This is a gorgeous movie. The animation is lovely, the storyline starts out mostly comedy (though really - how many times does a teenage boy have to wake up as a teenage girl to stop grabbing her boobs?) and then takes a full twist into post-apocalyptic tragedy and then twists back around. Vety lovely. (Though I do not seem to have fallen as thoroughly for it as certain other individuals of my acquaintance? Sorry, guys - it's lovely and I'm very happy to have seen it, but I don't think I'd have paid to see it twice in cinema.)

32. Wonder Woman
This is a glorious superhero movie and I adore Diana. I do really wish that they hadn't gone with the New52 version of her origin, though...

33. Agents of SHIELD season 4.
Well. I very much liked the bits with Ghost Rider? Especially him curbstombing SHIELD agents? And I did take a certain delight in having the tv show so loudly affirming that HYDRA are Nazis, considering the comics currently going the exact opposite direction. But mostly? The standard cast has turned dreadfully bland on me - or maybe I've just gotten to the point where my inner completist (which already managed to not watch Iron Fist and aren't expecting to touch Inhumans) have decided to find a different target than the MCU.

34. American Gods season 1.
Well. That was about as gorgeously, vividly colourful as Pushing Daisies used to be. And Shadow Moon is adorable. And the worldbuilding is excellent and I'm looking forward to season 2. Really, the only complaint is that it feels so short and unfinished, especially since I read the book. On the other hand, I greatly enjoy that they are keeping the characters from the small filler chapters - like the taxi driver - in the story.

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