Last weekend (not the one just past, the one before) I was in Odense for a fan meet-up. Three days (courtesy of one of those endless Spring holidays) of sheer, utter geekery and fun with some awesome people, most of whom I hadn't even met online before. We watched fanvids and other stuff, and we talked and talked and talked. Our lovely and wonderful host and one of the other awesome people have already written long posts about what we did, what we watched and suchlike, so there's not much left for me to say except that it was awesome and definitely an experience that warrants repetition.

Home monday to find that someone very anonymous had written a very neat remix of my Murtogg & Mullroy story But for the Grace of God entitled Dwell in the House of the Lord (The Day You Always Remember remix), whiich is good and you should go and read it. Now.

Back? Okay, taking a moment to pimp my own entry in the remixredux, The Devil in Disguise (The Diabolical Remix), which is a remix of [ profile] aris_tgd 's lovely Sparrington fic Another Angle on the Problem. (And my remixee remixed my remixer, so it's a bit of a circle jerk we've had going on - don't get me wrong, but I think I'll be trying to build up at number of at least drabbles before next year, if I'm going to play again - I want to remix something that isn't PotC, dammit. Even if I love Jack and James to little pieces and am looking forward to Ian McShane as an evil pirate, even if he's going to be Disney-censored).

Anyway, spent most of tuesday cleaning, because wednesday my parents came for a visit. Rest of the week was spent (apart from a bit of that thing we call work) with them, mostly relaxing, though we did play a bit of tourist, going to see the Viking Center outside of Ribe (which would probably have been more awesome during the big market earlier this month, but that's how it goes) and mounted an expedition south of the border for supplies (well, mostly supplies for them - although I was madly disappointed that Fleggaard didn't seem to have any of those guys they keep advertising - well, not really ;-)).

Anyway, don't me get wrong - but I'm kind of happy the library's closed next saturday due to Grundlovsdag so I can get a full weekend of doing absolutely nothing :-) Just to remember how it is, you know?

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( Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:26 pm)
The year started with an angsty little sparrington crossover between PotC and Sandman entitled Sweet Dreams are Made of This. Then followed a PotC future!AU - also sparrington - The Very Model of a Modern Librarian (a fic which had not one, but two awesome remixes done in the remixredux). Later came another crossover, this time involving PotC and Good Omens entitled In Living Colour and involving Norrington encountering certain - colourful personalities.

Also, this year I wrote a teeny-tiny original ficlet - Apocalypse in Red and Black. Beware of the ladybug apocalypse - bwahahaha!

Finally, I participated in three fic challenges / exchanges this year. First was the already mentioned remixredux, where I offered a remix entitled Fragments of: Some Autobiographical Notes by a Counterfeit Governess (the Picaresque Remix) - a remix of a PotC fanfic focused on an OC. Second came the xover_exchange, which was great fun - I wrote a Pushing Daisies / Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog crossover entitled Resurrection Pie and received a lovely little BtVS / Dr. Horrible crossover in return. Finally, I participated in yuletide, where I wrote a story for Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere focused on Hunter entitled Headstone - the story I got was an absolutely awesome crossover between New Amsterdam and Torchwood.
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( Jul. 27th, 2009 09:18 pm)

So,[info]remixredux09 is over and all is revealed.

The wonderful[info]aris_tgd did not one, but two(!) remixes of my story The Very Model of a Modern Librarian. One - I've Information Academic, Highbrow and Contrarian (Clean Steam Dance Mix) - has library airships, the other - I Am the Very Model of a Cyberpunk Librarian (Dirty Dub Mix) - has, among other squee-worthy things, a most adorable dolphin-Groves. You really should go read both. Now.


My victim was [ profile] erinya and I must admit to having been challenged, because when I got the e-mail with the information and went to take a look - well, a lot of her stories feature Elizabeth and I am not that big a fan of the pirate king. Alas. I wound up doing a remix of her The Governess - a remix that went this way and that and somehow decided it wanted to be femslashy somewhere along the way. That would be Fragments of: Some Autobiographical Notes by a Counterfeit Governess (the Picaresque Remix).

Anyway, that was fun. So, how long did you say it was until Yuletide? :-)
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( Jul. 26th, 2009 07:06 pm)

Title: Fragments of: Some Autobiographical Notes by a Counterfeit Governess (the Picaresque Remix)
Summary: The true story of the adventurous life and scandalous love of the governess of a future pirate king.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Spoilers and/or warnings: OC centered, femslash
Title, author and URL of original story: The Governess by [info]erinya
Notes: My most sincere thanks to my beta (who must will incognito until after the reveal)[info]porridgebird 

On to the story )


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