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No, no, no - are you absolutely fucking insane? And I'm not even dignifying that with an explanation, because if you don't see it, then...
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Why, these little fellows, of course :-)
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Well, in general it's probably a good idea to post warnings, although if you can't survive the occasional porn appearing when you mistype an url or something, then you probably shouldn't be online ... so, not for legally required anything.

That said, considering the fact that the internet is global and considering the amusement I have occasionally derived from something as simple as comparing the American and the Danish official ratings of certain movies, I doubt you'll ever manage to get anyone to agree on what constitutes adult content in the first place...
[Error: unknown template qotd] You're kidding, right? Tropics, please. Partly because, in the words of the immortal MC Einar: Det er vinter, man forventer vel lidt kulde og sne / men det' da klart at såd'n en sag må komme bag på DSB.


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