Seriously? Why? The crossover potential alone - and the relationship between Edwin and Topper, not to mention Edwin's business - for crying out loud, the guy is a supervillain consultant, how is that not awesome? Where's the fic? Surely I'm not the only fangirl in the world to stumble across this???

I want to see Alan Shore and Topper battle it out in court. I want to see Edwin getting hopelessly frustrated while having Dr. Horrible as a client. I want - I want fic, dammit.

I'm going to have to nominate this for Yuletide, aren't I?

(somewhat related,

I'm currently enduring some long bus-rides on a daily basis, as the train tracks are temporarily absent, and since I dislike actually reading while in cars and busses, well, I needed something else. So, for the last couple of days I've been listening to the original podcast version of a clever little thing called How to Succeed in Evil - the tale of Edwin Windsor, evil efficiency consultant, who spends a lot of his time exasperated at the average supervillain's inability to understand that spending 50 mio. on robotics to earn a 10 mio. ransom is just not cost efficient (and neither is superheroes smashing millions of dollars worth of property to not even manage to catch a petty thief).

And it is hilarious. (though the comic version really doesn't match the images my mind was conjuring up during listening, but do they ever?)

Just downloaded the first bunch of chapters of the novel version, so I've got entertainment for tomorrow (and some days ahead) as well :-)

(and I want someone to write me a crossover with Edwin advicing, say, Dr. Horrible and being generally awesome...)


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