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( Apr. 14th, 2011 02:36 pm)
"Gabriel, why is the television showing - what is that, people in fancy dress in some church?"
"Shut up, Sammy, they're almost at the good part."
"It's Sam - and why are we watching - what is that anyway? Is that babies?"
"Important babies. My niece and nephew."
"Well, adopted. And a few generations of greats on top, but yeah."
"Yes, adopted. And if I miss the names because you won't shut your cakehole, I'm gonna make you speak in iambic pentameter for a month."
"Shutting up, shutting up"

Brought to you by the fact, that the mythical first king of Denmark was supposed to be a son of Odin's and that, if people like Snorri and Saxo are to be trusted, the modern royals are more or less direct decendants... and since Gabriel is somehow or other supposed to be Loki and Loki was Odin's adopted brother...

And I still think they should name the boy Elvis :-)
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( Apr. 14th, 2011 02:14 pm)
I think they should totally call them Elvis and Thyra!!! (they probably won't, but still...)

It's twins! One of each. And Frederik joked about calling the boy Elvis :-)

Wauw, 500 years as an official navy kind of navy. And most of those with those pretty wooden sailing ships :-)

Which reminds me, I haven't actually remembered to squee about the royal-twins-to-be, have I? Right, ahem: SQUEEE! Alright, done, you can come out now. :-)

I find myself endlessly amused by the news today (what little they show in between the coverage of the Queen's birthday (I dag er det Margrethe II af Danmarks fødselsdags, hurra hurra hurra - hun sikkert sig en gave får som hun har ønsket sig i år med dejlig chokolade og kager til)). I can't help being amazed at the stuff people are thinking up to get around today. Planes grounded? Take the train! Trains booked full for a few days? Take the bus! Rent a car! (sorry, fresh out) Take a taxi to Paris! Rent a limousine to get you to Germany!!!

Seriously, I'm just waiting for the horse drawn carriages to be put into service. Maybe tomorrow?
I'm a bad Dane, a bad bad royalist. Didn't actually get around to watching Rune Klan performing magic sliced ham tricks for Her Majesty before this evening. Bad oneiriad. Ah well, at least I can share with the class?

Reason why I wasn't watching yesterday, you ask? Well, see, I guess I haven't remembered to mention that Esbjerg is currently playing host to the annual Children's Theater Festival. It's the biggest in the whole wide world or so the press claims. Anyway, the libraries in Esbjerg are - well - not actually arranging the bloody thing, but heavily involved - handing out tickets, providing room for shows, spending most of yesterday mantling and then dismantling a bloody audience tribune thing (which is unsurprisingly heavy) - the latter being the reason why I didn't get to see the show live. On the other hand, I got to see a pretty awesome clowns at war play for the older teenagers (admittedly, only a few teenagers were to be found in the actual audience. Mostly theater people of various stripes. Ah well...

And now I'm off to see the clips with Kim Larsen, I think...
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( Mar. 21st, 2009 10:24 pm)

Not cool: The stupid idiot who made a bomb threat when he saw the crown prince and princess boarding the same plane as him. Seriously, you moron, that's just rude. Shame on you.

Cool: Watching a bit of a press conference with a queen who looks about ready to bounce where she sits while telling all about working on a new movie based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairtytale The Wild Swans.



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