You know, I get all the anti-copying and anti-piracy and anti-downloading and anti.etc arguments. I don't necessarily agree with the worldview they're coming from, but I get them. However.

When I sit down to watch a dvd - a dvd that I've acquired quite legally, paid good money for (to a rental company, but still, paid for the right to watch it) - why do you punish me? Why do you stick one of those stupid Bevar Originalerne adds on that were everywhere a few years ago and which I could never stand? Why did you specifically stick on the one with Søren Fauli, a man whose presence on the tv screen has the same effect on me as Poul Dissing's voice, i.e. I can not stand it (like fingernails across a blackboard, a viceral dislike, complete and utter do not want!!!!)? And why did you do it in such a way that I couldn't skip and I couldn't even fastforward?

Seriously, who the fuck do you think you are? Punishing me with Fauli? When all I have done is rent a bloody dvd with Jekyll???!!! Who the fuck do you think you are????!!!!!

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( Feb. 26th, 2011 06:32 pm)
Do you know what I find annoying? Playing fandom catch-up. By which I mean, starting to see some series or read some books or something, that everybody was watching/reading/mainlining a few years ago - and then, having watched the first season and it's kind of okay, watching a couple of episodes of season two, looking at a few fanfics, getting a itty-bitty idea for an angsty ficlet thing - and dammit, what am I supposed to do? Write the story while it's fresh in my mind and post it, hoping it won't clash too terribly with anything in the next almost-three seasons? I mean, people write stories set in this and that season all the time, but that's when they can look back on it, it's not the same. Write and save it until I've watched the rest, thus getting to fix any glaring inconsistencies? Wait until I've watched the rest before writing, most likely never writing it as a result? What?

Damn my perfectionistic tendencies...

You know, intellectually I get that strikes are supposedly a very useful tool and a powerful way of making a statement. I say intellectually and supposedly, because I can't off the top of my head remember any that actually, you know, worked. Recently and in DK, I mean.

That said, I really, really, really hate strikes. Because whatever else they might be, they are first and foremost a way of holding innocent third party individuals hostage, despite the fact that they can't do anything anyway. And quite frankly, I don't feel that anybody has the right to take me hostage. I don't care what they want or not, I'm the one they're targetting for their blackmail scam despite the fact that I'm powerless to give them what they want. Bastards.

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( Dec. 11th, 2010 11:44 am)
You know, I really wish they hadn't put the Klovn trailer in front of the Harry Potter movie. I could have lived a long and happy life without seeing Casper Christensen's flappy cock or the bit where he's got his finger in another guy's arse. Actually, I've lived a long and happy life without watching the tv series, why oh why did they have to do that?


*iz traumatized*

And complete unrelated: huh. Where did winter go?

The sheer gall of sites like Hulu. How dare they exist?! How dare they exist and not let me watch Pretender?!!!! I mean, come on, just because I'm not living in New Puritania, I don't get to watch???????????

The fact that to not be a criminal I have to pay more than 2000 kr. to the Danish state television, not for getting to watch it, but for the right to own machines that allow me to receive something they make - whether or not I actually choose to do so.

The fact that the government really thinks that anybody believes them, when they claim that those 2000 kr isn't a kind of tax.

The fact that, since these days you can hardly do anything including keeping track of your taxes or telling the authorities that you've moved without using the internet - so, basically, it's a tax on being able to communicate with the state / region / town / whatever.

The fact that - actually, no fact, except - all those lovely dvds with movies and series I'd actually watch, I could buy with 2000 kr. that's spent on financing re-runs of Midsumer Murders...

The fact that I really, really hate it, when little old ladies show up at work, earnestly asking about how to transfer an audio book to their nice new mp3 player, because I feel like a bastard having to be the one to tell them the facts of life (and no, ma'am, they don't make sense to me either).

The fact that it annoys me endlessly, when reading an article about how apparently the only reason not more Danes practice internet piracy is due to not being able to figure out how you do it, and then having somebody in the article make a statement about it being immoral and wrong. Seriously, dude, perhaps you're the wrong one - I mean, majorities aren't automatically right and thank god for that, but surely it's food for thought?

The fact that information just wants to be free.

The fact that it makes no sense to have to wait several months before being allowed to loan new cd's at the library, but books can be yours to read as fast as they can be received and processed - well, if you're the first in line. Seriously, some of our waiting lists - there's one book, a brand new bestseller set in this town - currently it might available sometime 2012...

The fact that - you know what, nevermind. It's not like I can change any of the idiots' minds anyway, so why even bother...

You know what's annoying - when a parent, usually a mother, comes into the library with their kid, having heard we do passports, and when you give them the forms and point out that both parents have to sign, and that yes, if they take it home to get the signatures, then the kid will have to come with them for the actual applying bit, no, we can't just say she's been seen and not have her brought. The rules are simple and straightforward - the person applying for a passport must appear in person, be it newborn infant or person on his/her deadbed. I didn't make the rules, I can't bend them, I just obey and fill in papers and wield a mean datestamp.

So why, oh why, do they always try to negotiate? Saying "but if?" and trying their level best to make me feel guilty, as if this wasn't something they could have known long before they set foot in the library, information freely available online or if they had bothered to pick up the phone and call ahead to ask, as if this is somehow my fault, like I'm trying to somehow wage a miniature bureaucratic war on them specifically, these randoms strangers that I've never seen before and probably never will again.

Ah well, at least I've finally come up with a decent comeback for the woman who ranted about how I ought to be more flexible. Something along the lines of "madam, flexibility is the privilege of the people who make the rules - us mere mortals can but obey them". Pity the bitch came and went months ago, but better late than never, right???

I wonder if our current government will be happy before having dismantled the whole welfare state? And whether they will get around to having an election soon so they can pretend to be surprised when the majority of the population vehemently disagree...

Of course, it's going to be interesting to watch how the unions react, if the flexicurity model is undermined sufficiently to make being unemployed worse than it is today - well, except last time there was a major strike the main result was that the union in question lost members afterwards because they had to raise the membership fee, so maybe not.

Anyway, fucking politicians.

And back to your regularly scheduled fangirling...
When it's not raining cats and dogs, it's sleeting (is that a word?) them. It's cold and wet and generally unpleasant. We're possibly invaded - or possibly some local military base just thinks it's fun driving armoured vehicles around in Esbjerg today. Probably the latter. Anyway, who can invade anything with volcanic ash in the air? Pretty sure air support is crucial. Maybe air ships? Are air ships affected by volcanic ash?

And when your story can't even get any reviews in the Pit of Voles it's time to conclude that you're just not cut out for writing Supernatural...

Right, going to go curl up and read a book and forget the world around me. Sounds much better, yes.
Only, not really.

The funny thing about spoilers is, I can't seem to have a single position on them.

Read more... )
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( Mar. 13th, 2010 07:03 pm)
I saw a tiny segment on TV2 News, about how the Antipirate Group is considering proposing a tax on going on the internet, the money to be used to compensate the artists for illegal downloading.

And I am now going to rant about this, because that kind of thinking just pisses me off.

Cutting because some of the cool kids are doing it )
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( Feb. 27th, 2010 05:51 pm)

I have no idea whether Camilla Broe is guilty or innocent of the crime of which she has been accused. Truth be told I don't really care. But I do believe that the whole case has been a by turns scary (as in spy thriller / conspiracy theory level scary) and ridicoulous story, and lately it just seems to have turned into a farce. Because apparently the American authorities feel that while you're fighting tooth and nail not to be extradited to a country with a justice system that doesn't exactly have the best reputation, you should at the same time be applying for a visa to said country, just in case the case turns out to be past the expiration date and the judge lets you go free, because otherwise you're obviously an illegal alien - nevermind that you wouldn't be in the country in the first place if you hadn't been forced by the American authorities.

So yeah.

Let's just say that both the Danish and American authorities are coming across as a bunch of idiots these days.

Seriously. Hands up, those of you who'd be willing to let your already in serious financial trouble country be saddled with a huge debt due to the idiocy of privately owned businesses.

Also, snow. Please make the snow stop. *plans scheme to export snow to tropics - or possibly Greenland*
Motherfucking radiators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grrrr*
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 03:01 pm)
Am I the only one who would be more and not less tempted to look around the internet for pirated clips if this is actually true? I mean, I'd feel cheated, if I pay the exhorbitant price of a cinema ticket and then they won't even show me the entire movie? They'd expect me to go back, pay for a new ticket and hope beyond any realistic hope that the last scene would be different from the one I'd already seen? What are these people - stupid? Too used to the sort of comic nerds that'll buy the same comic three times just because of the different covers?

That said, I'm planning to go see Wolverine - maybe thursday. Even if it looks like they've done something terrible to poor Deadpool...
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( Apr. 1st, 2009 09:52 am)

Seriously, what the fuck? Legal rape? And we're supposed to be helping you? You're supposed to be better than the Taleban? WTF? This is just an April Fool's joke, right? Wait, the article's from yesterday... damn :-(

Please tell me why those fucking bastards won't stop trying to steal my moped?!

Jamen, så undskyld af helvede til - dumme kælling.

And back to regularly scheduled boring [info]oneiriad.



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