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( Jul. 5th, 2011 06:59 pm)

I'd love to see a crossover where Tyrion Lannister and Mark Vorkosigan meet. Because they have a surprising amount in common - snarky, annoyingly perfect older brothers, messed up father (figure)/son relationship. Alas, I'll probably not be the one writing it, cause the only thing I've got - apart from a vague idea of Westeros being on an extremely lost colony world (or maybe a Haut experiment gone so very wrong) is the sentence "That's your annoyingly perfect big brother?!"
I think that I have figured out why I dislike people - especially people who have read the books - being all fangirly about Catelyn.

Cut so as not to spoil people who haven't read the book )
The problem is this: when I fall for a character (it's usually a character (sometimes several) rather than a fandom, per se), fall head over heels, fall hard, I might go looking for fic. I might be saddened by the lack of awesome fic about somebody awesome, and sadly, falling for a character does not always entail feeling capable of writing the specific fandom. So eventually, I go read old, awesome fic about other characters entirely, awesome fic by favourite writers, and I find myself wishing they would fall for the same character and feel capable of writing him/her and write fic as awesome as their fic generally is, because I don't feel capable myself, and because I'm greedy - except, I try to stop myself from randomly pimping stuff to people, because everybody has their own taste and I can't expect other people's to coincide with mine all the time and anyway, it's not like anybody owes me this fic and I don't want to come across as a greedy bastard (even if I totally am) and I should just write it myself, except, well, I'm loving the character, but I'm not feeling the fandom, and so I am sad. :-(

Which is kind of a convoluted way of saying that the internet is sadly lacking in awesome Tyrion Lannister fic...
I'm going to have to wait until the end of the season before realistically beginning to hope for someone to make a Tyrion fanvid, aren't I? :-(

I am only about halfway through A Storm of Swords and I haven't even gotten around to sitting down and watching the first episode of the tv series (tomorrow, methinks - except the weather's really too good for watching tv-series, summer having finally come), but I'm well and truly sold. Mostly because of Tyrion. This past year has taught me that I apparently have a thing for short, smart and occasionally snarky. Anyone have anything corresponding that to rec me?

Cut so as not to spoil any spoilerphobic individuals - not very spoilery, just speculation, but still )

Apart from that - am I the only one waiting for the inevitable hizzy fit from Mr. Martin??? (considering his opinions back during the Diana Gabaldon clusterfuck, once the fangirls get going with the tv series - after all, as previously stated: Sean Bean + leather pants = fangirls. And slash. (And LotR crossover fic, unless I miss my guess...)



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