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( Sep. 3rd, 2010 06:41 pm)
I can't quite decide whether this bit of news / gossip about Gaiman's Sandman and maybe Eric Kripke getting to make it into a tv series is something to be happy about or not. I mean, on one hand, Sandman = squee and Kripke might manage, but on the other hand, Sandman = squee and I dread the story getting anything like a mainstreaming-treatment. I mean, they'd probably manage the effects alright, and there are characters I'd love to see on the screen - like, say, the Corinthian (seriously, tell me you don't want to see the Corinthian in all his glory on the screen, I dare you) - but, but, but... hence, ambivalence...

Of course, then there's the part of my mind that's just decided to opine that maybe the guy who plays Bobby in Supernatural would make a decent Hob Gadling, if they could just give him the right accent, and then there's the part of my mind telling a third part of my mind that no, Bobby isn't Hob, he isn't even British, and anyway, how the hell would that work, considering the wildly different cosmologies - well, not widlly different, but enough. In fact, close but different probably makes for a worse match than wildly different.

And speaking of crossovers, I need to remember to sign up for the xoverexchange, I think. Anyway...
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( Aug. 11th, 2010 08:39 pm)
I wonder how long it will take before someone writes an Inception/Sandman crossover... *considers the possibilities of, say, the Corinthian tripping over one of those little extraction expeditions - I bet Arthur has pretty eyes*
Disclaimer: Neither PotC nor Sandman belongs to me.
A/N: AU, takes place sometime after the first movie - the sequels never happened.
A/N the sequel: Written for [ profile] concertigrossi  who requested "Sparrington, crossed with either the Good Omens universe, or the Sandman universe. :)" Hopefully this meets her expectations.
I am dreaming. I know that this is a dream. )


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