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( May. 9th, 2020 04:24 pm)
I have chosen to stop trying to keep this fic post updated. Instead, you can find a full, updated look at what I've written at my AO3 account.
I still think they should have gone with their original plan and kept Hank nefarious. Especially because a monster freakshow "amusement park" actually feels worse than weaponized magic.

Yes, I still find random non-sensical ös annoying. That store is literally named "huge sturgeon" and I bet they don't even sell caviar.

Has anybody checked whether Mick's pregnant? Seriously, that guy is constantly eating - I hope he does some weightlifting or Garima or something when we're not watching.

"That's demonic Danish." >:(

Never take shortcuts in Ikea.

Any particular reason why they can't go visit Zambezi and borrow the totems for a spell?

Awww, Mick's so confident in his writing these days.

I am really not convinced that Neron's that easily killed. We've got several episodes yet to go.

Oh no. Ray ate one of the Dark Side's cookies.
Getting to this episode a few days late, as I just yesterday came home from a nice visit to (mostly) the Netherlands with my mom. The tulips say "Hi!".

"Creepy is my business, and it looks like business is good." Surely you mean evil, John?

For a time travel show they have a terrible linear approach to time. It's Jane Austen, she's still going to be in her own time in a few hours.

Well. I don't think most Georgian weddings turned into orgies.

Mona missed the part where all Austen's heroines marry for love, certainly, but also sensibly.

Well, that's not a terrible magical fugitive. Probably not well placed in Austen's time and place, but, well...

Why would an actual god identify the religion he's part of? Surely, to him, he's just the god of love?

So, god of sex pollen love aboard and Nora and Ray sharing a bed?

Question: how the hell did Ray get married the first time?

Why do I think Jane Austen is about to invent horror instead of romance novels?

Mick and John seem to have forgotten to bicker entirely since the episodes started up again.

Now, now, Mona, that's unkind. Rebecca Silver is your favourite author.

That's what I was thinking, Sanjay! Thank you.

Between the unicorn and the divine god of sex pollen/ashes, this season has a lot of non-consensual drugs.

Why not, Zari? What's good for the goose, after all - you can have yourself multiple spouses as well.

Ah, a bit of hostility back.

Monsterland? Well, that's a turn of pace. Still not an appropriate way to treat dangerous, sentient beings, but still.
The good thing about having the day off is being able to sit down and watch Legends in the morning.

"I've been kidnapped by hippies." Now, now, no need to be rude.

Someone's having fun making John say Dick as many time as possible in this episode, aren't they?

Confirmation that Mick's published more than one novel. Yay.

Sometimes I wonder if Nora regrets not just turning herself into regular law enforcement.

Mick would make an amazing Fabio.

I wonder if Hank is going to get bugged later in the episode.

Well, that was anti-climactic.

Project Hades = Suicide Squad, 2.0. Called it.

And let me guess: Nora's about to get blamed for Hank's death. Yep, right on schedule.
Ah, vacation.

What I've recently finished reading

Marquis de Sade, slash, and the occasional bit of historical fiction )

What I'm reading now

Jens Andersen's Kim Larsen - mine unge år.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 77
Finally time for more show. Making me wait for months is just rude of the CW.

I don't think the Time Bureau follow legal protocol when it comes to that firing Mona thing.

That tranq arrow didn't last long.

Awww. John is a Mexican wrestling fanboy.

I wonder if Mona just got married to a Hawaiian demigod.

Totally weird. Okay, I'm now convinced Nate/Zari will be canon, no shapeshifters involved. Alas.

Sara needs to get off her high horse really soon. And her relationship with Ava seems to be devolving as we watch.

American Hemophilia Association. Nice continuity nod.

I'm looking forward to see whether Mona figures out that Mick's the author or if she has to be told.

"Things that shouldn't even be in our world"? Uhm, Ava. Yes, they were in magic prison - where do you think they came from before that magic prison???

This episode is making me dislike Ava all over again.

"If Hank has to experiment on a few creatures..."


Ava, Ava, Ava. That's not. Those are sentient creatures. That's not - you just don't.

Mona? You get a time travel gadget. Visiting is an option, you know? And - guess not after all. Damnit.

Fairly nice monster!Mona.
I will post this post and then I'll go hope that the entire train strike thing tomorrow is going to turn out to be an elaborate April's Fool.

What I've recently finished reading

Several Danish books this time )

What I'm reading now

The Darker Side of Slash Fan Fiction.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 72
Not even remotely close to wednesday, but what can you do?

Life goes on. I should start planning - I'll be going to the Netherlands with my Mom in a couple of weeks. That's going to be nice. Admittedly, it's a guided trip / river cruise, so I don't expect that much on our own time, but still - having read the guidebook, if/when we do get a couple of hours to ourselves will be good.

What I've recently finished reading

Quite a lot in Danish this time )

What I've recently watched

Superheroes! )

What I'm reading now

Åke Ohlmarks' Tolkien och den svarta magin, aka the book by the guy who was pretty nuts and a sour old man at that.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 65
And tomorrow I'll be seeing Captain Marvel. So there's that.

Tried the new Indian place in town for dinner tonight. Won't be doing that again. I mean, the naan was nice...

What I've recently finished reading

Some fantasy, some horror, some historical fiction... )

What I've recently watched

Jordskott )

What I'm reading now

J.D. Robb's Conspiracy in Death, Mette Sejrbo's Vampyrens pagt, which proves that Twilight didn't exist in vain, and Det okkulte Danmark by Bo Bomuld Hamilton-Wittendorff.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 46
I might have bought myself a ticket for Captain Marvel already.

I am also presently slowly moving towards serious adulting, and it scares me a little.

What I've recently finished reading

Among other things: Finally finished Lykke-Per. Go me! )

What I've recently watched

A sea serpent, some giant animals, some dinosaurs, the rise of the Third Reich - monster theme going strong. )

What I'm reading now

Bernard Cornwell's "War of the Wolf", a series which I honestly thought was finished with the conquest of Bebbanburg last book, J.D. Robb's "Conspiracy in Death", and Naomi Novik's "Spinning Silver."

Total number of books and comics read this year: 37
In other news, it was Troldspejlet's 30th birthday this weekend. *waves a tiny nerdy birthday flag at the show of my childhood years*.

What I've recently finished reading

4 out of 5 books with female main characters )

What I've recently watched

The First Purge )

What I'm reading now

Henrik Pontoppidan's Lykke-Per, which I'm nearly done with, at long last, Steen Langstrup's Frygt, fabrik, fælde bog 2., and Ben Aaronovitch's Lies Sleeping.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 23
In other news, I'm just wondering if anybody ever mentioned to the British parliament that they can't actually make any real decisions about Brexit, because whatever they vote or don't vote on, May will still have to go back to the EU, and the EU has already said they're done.

What I've recently finished reading

Superheroes, portal fantasy, classic sf, un-petrified trolls and the odd bit of history )

What I've recently watched

Solo, Aquaman, Pacific Rim: Uprising )

What I'm reading now

Henrik Pontopiddan's Lykke-Per, which I really ought to finish soon, Kathryn Ormsbee's Tash Hearts Tolstoy, and Steen Langstrup's Frygt fabrik fælde vol. 2., which should never have been split into two books, there's no reason or space in the narrative, and it's not even that long.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 18
January is a dreary month, and this year it can't even be bothered to be wintry. Oh well.

And I'm having my usual post-yuletide I-wish-more-people-had-read-my-story-though-at-least-the-ones-who-did-seems-to-have-liked-it blues. Oh well.

What I've recently finished reading

Astro City, Arséne Lupin, Venom, etc. )

What I've recently watched

Movies starting with an M )

What I'm reading now

James Tiptree Jr.'s Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 6
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( Jan. 1st, 2019 07:11 pm)
As the year turns, I thought I'd get this done early rather than late for a change.

What I've recently finished reading

Vampires, comics, the dark (or were they?) middle ages )

What I've recently watched

One tv show, one documentary, two movies )

What I'm reading now

Maurice Leblanc's The Hollow Needle - alas, Lupin is swiftly losing his appeal to me. Oh well, there's only two-three more books available in Danish and they're not what anybody would call long...

Total number of books and comics read last year:: 261
Total number of books and comics read this year: 1
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( Jan. 1st, 2019 06:32 pm)
This year, the fandom I matched on was an old book series called The Three Investigators. The original books were written by several different authors over a period over roughly 20 years, with the main characters being stuck in a sort of eternal present. Apparently, after they stopped publishing them entirely in the US, a German publisher got the rights and has been publishing new stories in German, as the fandom is - really big in Germany?

Anyway, I’ve only ever read the original books and only the ones translated to Danish, so my canon review involved getting hold of some of the English language originals. It’s funny, reading the books in English gave me a somewhat different experience than reading them in Danish - for instance, the three boy detectives have a secret headquarters at a junkyard, and in Danish I’ve always imagined them hanging out in something like this,  except the English version made me think of a mobile home like those you find in trailer parks, aka something bigger and more intended for actually standing on the ground as a small house. Funny that.

Anyway, the story I wrote this year:

The Mysteries of Paris (7371 words) by oneiriad
Chapters: 1/1
The Three Investigators | Die drei ??? - Various Authors
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jupiter Jones | Justus Jonas, Pete Crenshaw | Peter Shaw, Bob Andrews
Additional Tags: Post-Canon
Summary: Once upon a time there were three boy detectives - but as they grew up, they grew apart. Until one day they each received a ticket to Paris from a mysterious benefactor…

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( Dec. 31st, 2018 11:53 am)
I got three Yuletide presents this year, all of them in the same fandom, Medieval Manuscript Illustrations, where I had requested battle snails. Aka this sort of thing. One of the fics was clearly tagged as a treat, but I don't actually known which of the other two is my assigned author. Possibly both are. You never know.

By order of length, there is In the Time of Kings, the story of a monk with odd ideas of what might be entertaining who accidentally conjures himself a fairy bride. As you do. It's an interesting bit of medievalism.

Second in length comes the tagged treat, A Demand for Butter, an utterly delightful little story about some accidentally gigantic snails and a number of medieval ladies (both literal noblewomen and women of humbler station) being immensely practical about the whole thing.

Shortest is Joust on Vellum, a nice evocative little piece about a monk doing illuminations and having recently acquired a pair of spectacles. I mean, technically it's the direct opposite of what I asked for, but I do like the story. It has a nice narrator's voice and is very colourful.
Well. It's almost like posting it on a wednesday, right?

What I've recently finished reading

A little Polish fantasy, a little nostalgia, some comics... )

What I've recently watched

Monsters galore )

What I'm reading now

Frygt, fælde, fabrik vol. 1. by Steen Langstrup, Blood Communion by Anne Rice and The Edge of the World by Michael Pye.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 256
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( Dec. 17th, 2018 10:33 pm)
Right. I've taken advantage of not being distracted by Tumblr today and managed to post my Yuletide fic. Less than 12 hours before the deadline. I really need to do something about this procrastination...

Anyway, the fic still needs polishing, of course, but there's a fic, so - all is well.
I don't understand why US tv insists on these ridiculously long breaks mid-season.

I really wish they hadn't chosen to completely ignore Zari's established personality and turn her into somebody who could say the sentence: "If Desmond isn't dragged to hell...", as if she didn't spend all of last season figuring out how to hack history.

Well, Mick's got Garima back, so that's something.

I like that everybody can just understand Zari, even as a cat.

Wait - why Sara? I mean - she definitely doesn't meet the unicorn's usual dietary requirements?

OMG. You killed Mick!

Very cool fairy godmother.

Rebecca Silver. Yes. And Ava and Mick are bonding, good good. (Nom de plum, Mick? Well, to be fair, mispronouncing words you've only ever read is a thing I am good at as well.)


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