Also, I really hope all those people, who spend year after year moaning about how they want a white Christmas, will be so kind as to remember how an actual white Christmas is = extremely annoying.

Anyway: Christmas! Tonight!
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( Nov. 21st, 2010 04:01 pm)

Maybe I should get some of those countdown-bars. I mean, next weekend is all about the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, and the weekend after that is fannish, and Christmas is soon :-)

Or maybe I'm just too lazy...

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( Dec. 5th, 2009 09:23 pm)
Anybody else want a christmas card? Speak now or forever hold your peace - wait, that's at christmas... :-)
  • Final Christmas present bought. (Of course, they still need wrapping - all of them).
  • Yuletide story finished and long since uploaded - number 291. Except there seems to be something strange about the story count on the website..
  • Christmas cards sent... hopefully to the right places...
  • Ticket for tomorrow evening's CCC dug out from bottom of pile on desk (no, I don't need to clear it, whatever gave you that idea).
  • Christmas cd found and playing random tunes...
  • Thank you [info]hils, [info]norwegianne and [info]aella_irene for the lovely Christmas cards :-)

Spent most of the day strolling through Copenhagen and Christmas shopping with a friend. There's a song that talks about "the yearly migration up and down Strøget" - very accurate. Had lunch at a restaurant that served me a bowl of raw pieces of meat (don't look at me like that, I haven't had fondue for years - I missed it). Alas, still haven't bought all this year's presents.

Saw a bunch of girls in white singing a somewhat gospel-influenced round of Lucia songs in Illum. It made me remember something I've been meaning to mention, about Lucia not really making sense in it's current form. All the other light festivals are crowding around the solstice, the longest night of the year, but Lucia is on the 13th - until you remember that the 13th was around the solstice just before the switch to the Gregorian calendar. Just saying.

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( Dec. 12th, 2008 07:26 pm)

Have been watching low-quality clips over on Youtube from one of my personal favourite christmas calendars, Skibet i Skilteskoven (The Ship in Signpost Forest). TV2 showed it when I was 10 and have never bothered to do a rerun, apparently preferring their Pyrus-stuff, so it's possible it's just childhood nostalgia talking. Still, it means that I haven't actually seen the bloody thing since I was young enough that it didn't even occur to me to find it at least a little amusing that it's Preben Kristensen's nisse that falls in love with the local forest fairy (although apparently my love of nautical things seems to date back at least that far). Maybe I should buy the new dvd...

Also, random French people at work. Just saying.


There's one thing that puzzles me. (Okay, quite a few things, but this post is about just one...)

Why does it only seem to be the Scandinavian countries that watch various Christmas calender television series? When you compare the amount of television produced in, say, Denmark, and the amount from, say, the UK or the US, you'd think it would be different. You'd think they'd jump at this whole genre of tv-series, even if the English speaking world doesn't have proper nisser (whether they are of the "The Julekalender" variety or the more ordinary type). I mean, they're generally fun. Admittedly, I'm staying far away from DR's offering this year - the first two Nissebanden series were fun, but the one set in the Danish West-Indies was just not good, but The Julekalender is always good for a laugh, even if I feel sorry for Hansi - it's hardly his fault that he's the one with the biggest tænder and the grimmest tøj...



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