As mentioned, I went to see Guardians. It was fun. It started a bit slow at first, but once it got properly rolling, well - it was silly and sad and fun. Pure entertainment. I'm sad we didn't get adult!Groot back at any point during the movie - twig!Groot is all well and good, but I want him big. I liked several of the cameos - especially the Watchers. And it's very good to know that Peter's real father was David Hasselhoff. And Mantis is adorable.

What I've recently finished reading

Rachel Aaron: The Spirit Rebellion
Rachel Aaron: The Spirit Eater
The first book in this series was great fun. The next was okay, and so was the third, but I'm not exactly sad that the Danish library don't have the last two. They've been moving from mostly light-hearted fantasy heist stories to a bigger, we need to save the world from the Demon (and probably the Shepherdess as well, who is creepily obsessed with Eli Monpress, our protagonist thief and mage) fantasy cliché plotline. And also, while I do think the author is deliberately working on a "neither Light nor Darkness is exactly good" kind of thing, then her main antagonist of our "heroes" - a wizard repeatedly hunting the band of thieves and trying to bring Eli back for trial - well, I'm, not entirely sure whether the author realizes that she had her basically waterboarding Eli for a bit in the last book.

What I guess I'm saying is that the series started as fun, but is moving in directions that I am not left feeling that I need to keep reading it for.

What I'm reading now

Greg Van Eekhout's California Bones, which I'm almost done with (and this one I am sad that the Danish libraries don't have the sequel to - I might need to make a special request for it), Henrik's Cavling's Det danske Vestindien, which could have used a foreword, but which is also making me get a grasp of exactly how far away from Denmark those islands were even as late as that, and the first volume of Thit Jensen's Stygge Krumpen.

What I'm reading next

Decisions, decisions

Total number of books and comics read this year: 78
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