I am not saying that I bingewatched it, but I finished watching the last new episode early this afternoon....

I very much enjoyed the new season. Unlike the Christmas special, where very little happened, there's plenty of forward motion on all the different sensates' plotlines.

And you can tell Straczynski's probably done his "actually plotting out a several season long arc" thing. The first season was the first book, where the characters learn that they are Sensates, how that works and what that means. It was narrowly focused on them. This season opens up and has them encountering many new sensates - some nice, some not - and researching the organization which is hunting them, the BPO.

There are many things, big and small, that I adored this season. Honestly, most of the individual narratives are fairly cliché - Sun escapes jail and sets out to kill her brother to avenge her father, new!Capheus gets discovered as an honest everyman character and encouraged to get into politics against the corrupt people in power, that sort of thing, etc. But they are still enjoyable. And so many things are happening.

I liked Sylvester McCoy small part - even if it was like they'd stuck every Scottish thing they could think of in there - and the Archipelago - sensate google going strong since the stone age. Adored that scene. And Hernando's colourful beard and a ridiculous number of the fight scenes and Sun's detective could-be-a-boyfriend and more.

I adored the show - except the last twenty minutes of the last episode, which is an incredibly frustrating thing to have to say. The bad guys have managed to track down and kidnap yet another one of the sensate group, and the rest need to save them - pretty much like last season, really. And they use the narrative device you usually see in heist movies and tv shows, where they don't show the audience the vital planning and preparation stages in order for the actual end scene to be a surprise. Which would be fine.

Except it turns out the plan involved the entire sensate cluster physically meeting up in London (except poor Wolfgang, who as the credits roll is still kidnapped). And we don't get to see that. I have been waiting since season 1 ended for more scenes of the various characters actually meeting each other face to face and for them meeting the various sidekick's and now? They skipped that. For all of these. They just - skipped them.

Those last twenty minutes could easily have been one or two episodes in and of themselves, and instead they just skipped straight across something that I so badly wanted to see. I get that it's probably supposed to leave the viewer feeling excited, going "Yeah! Now they are together and taking the fight to the BPO!" - but I just sat there and felt a bit disappointed. Which isn't how a season ending is supposed to make you feel, is it? :-(
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