Recommendations are quite welcome

Anno 1790
Being Human season 3. 4. 5.
Blood Ties
Doctor Who (old series)
Dresden Files
Due South season 1. 2. 3. 4.
Eternal Law
Forever Knight
Fringe season 4. 5.
Garrow's Law season 2. 3.
Highlander season 2., 3., 4., 5. 6.
House season 7., 8.
Hustle season 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8.
Leverage season 3., 4., 5.
Lord Peter Wimsey (both the Ian Carmichael and the Edward Petherbridge series)
Lost Girl
Man from UNCLE
Noble House
Once Upon A Time
Queer as folk US
Torchwood - Miracle Day
Warehouse 13

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Classic Who has a lot to offer. My personal favourite era is Pertwee/Three, mostly because of UNIT, but all the original seven doctors have something going for them. *grins* Three and Seven are the ones I've seen most of, with quite a bit of Four, Five and Six. Only a little One and Two. Heh. I can tell you my favourite stories from some of them, if you like?

Dresden Files, the TV series, is ... hmmm. Fun. Quite a lot of fun. Better, though, if you're content not to compare it to the books at all. Hrothbert bears little or no resemblance to book!Bob. Fortunately, he's superbly sarcastic, and played by Terrence Mann, which might make up for it. *grins*

I need to watch the later series of Leverage myself, now that you mention it.

Man From UNCLE ... I cannot be rational about that series at all. *smiles sheepishly* I grew up on reruns of it. I had a massive crush on Illya back when I was ten. It was sixties spy shenanigans, with a pair of leading men who were just awesome to watch play off each other. It was part of my childhood. I have no idea if it holds up or not now. I could not give you a rational, impartial judgement on that series to save my life. *grins* I adore it madly. Heh.

Haven't seen it myself, but my sister recommends Walking Dead. Mostly because there are long stretches of time where you can apparently ignore the whole 'zombie apocalypse' thing, and focus instead on the surprisingly realistic character interactions/developments. So. It comes with her seal of approval, if that's any good to you -_-;

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It's always nice when people approve of what you want to see. Mind you, it's a remarkably short list - you should see the list of things I want to read. *grins*

I'm actually saving Old!Who for a bit - I'm currently working my way through Highlander and have found that it's nice, with a really long series, to mix it with shorter ones between seasons, so to speak. Doctor Who - maybe afterwards - besides, that gives me time to figure out where to start...

I've watched the first episode of Dresden Files (and read all books except the newest *glares at library system to get it to hurry up*), and it did look fun. It's just a matter of finding the right time, you know?

Walking Dead, I've actually been reading the comic series since before they even announced the tv series, so to me, it's a bit of worrying about how good the tv version is by comparison - what's changed, that sort of thing. But we'll see soon enough.

And ah, the things we saw as children. There is an old, Chinese animated series about the Monkey King that I am going to forever blame for my deep and abiding love of tricksters - at least it didn't turn me into a furry ;-) I must have watched that series 100 times and I still have the VHS somewhere - really should get around to digitalizing that, shouldn't I? Some day...

Speaking of tv series, are you watching the new season of Sanctuary?

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*grins* To-read-lists always tend to be longer than is healthy. Reading is faster than watching, though, usually.

Hmmm. I asked my sister about Walking Dead, comics vs TV. I could give you a broad-strokes, non-spoilery rundown, if you'd like? According to her, it IS different to the comics, there are several changes particularly to plots and a few of the characters. She thinks it is definitely, definitely worth it, though - citing cinematography (scale, particularly), makeup (thoroughly awesome, she apparently cannot stress that one enough), character-driven plots, a couple of additional characters that are totally awesome, some changes to existing character arcs that she thinks are worth it ... etc, etc. In short, from someone who has both read the comics and watched the show (and adores zombies), she would recommend both, though they ARE different.

Re: Old Who and Dresden Files - totally worth it, when you find the moment for them. *grins* And the newest Dresden BOOK is also completely awesome (if you mean Ghost Story, that is). Seriously. It's ... such a big step, character-wise, for both Harry and so many of the supporting cast. It's slow-moving. But it's HUGE.

We had so much stuff on VHS, and watched some much more (especially crappy reruns) on the 'poverty channels' (Ireland's 4 main channels, which were all we could afford for ages), to the extent that most of my viewing tastes are stuck somewhere between 1963 and 1990 -_-; But hey, it's alllll good. *grins*

I've only seen maybe two episodes of S4 Sanctuary. I've mostly been reading episode summaries to try and catch up to major events. Um. The season seems to be ... floundering, a bit? Or, a lot? *shrugs*

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The season seems to be ... floundering, a bit? Or, a lot?
Yeah, I know what you mean. It feels - kind of like a very extended middle of season period, this season, if that makes any sense? And it started so well, with Tempus (I hope Tempus was one of those you saw? Tempus was lovely), but otherwise - I mean, even the Tesla episodes didn't manage to rise that high, and there's been an appalling absence of the Five in general, and not nearly enough Kate, and far too much Will, and far too much oh-dear-the-Sanctuary-is-now-an-NGO-flail-flail-flail and not nearly enough basic monster plots. Henry has had some fine moments, Declan shows up sometimes and is fun, but honestly, floundering is a pretty good word for how most of this season has felt.

Ireland's 4 main channels
Wow. 4 channels. I remember, when I was a teeny, tiny girl, we got our second Danish channel (there had been one or two satellite channels, but we couldn't afford those - my granddad had them, and I owed a lot of my vhs library to that fact - oh, such things I had - and oh, such grief, when a tape finally gave up) - mind you, what I remember best was the fascination of watching commercials on actual tv, not just in the cinema.

And I don't need a rundown for WD, though thanks. The problem isn't wanting to see it or anything like that, it's just - well - so much to watch, so little time. And soon there'll be work and oh, so little time. To read, watch, work, write, live - seriously, some of these people around fandom - where do they get the time?
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'Six feet under' is great. Lots of dark humor and gay love. :)
Also Supernatural is great. Can't make a list without it. AND Stargate sg1, because, well it's awesome. A classic.
Just a little two cent input from me, thanks for granting me acces to your little corner of dreamwidth :)


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