Zombies, superheroes and old tv shows

11. Resident Evil: Afterlife
Admittedly, I haven't seen any of the other RE movies (and I'm not planning to), but the plot was fairly straightforward. And it's an okay movie - not great, but reasonably entertaining. It felt very like a computer game, actually - different levels to fight your way through, with bosses along the way and new characters for your group to pick up along the way. Which - I suppose shouldn't come as a surprise, really...

12. Logan
I wonder how many people went to see this expecting a fairly standard superhero movie and found themselves watching a movie about all the indignities of old age and your own body betraying you in all manner of fun ways. (Possibly me, a bit - I'd mostly ignored trailers out of not wanting to be spoiled). But it's a very, very good movie - and far more adult than any of those Batman movies ever managed to be.

13. The Thing
You know, I need to watch 80s science fiction and fantasy. I mean, I've seen a lot, but it's just - genre movies with special effects before computers took it all over.

14. Due South season 2.
Some nice episodes, some less so (I'm sorry, I just never saw what was funny about Leslie Nielsen). Fraser is still adorable, Vecchio's fun, Thatcher's crush? on Fraser is frankly painful to watch - and then it got rounded off with a clip show episode, which made me think about the clip show as a tv show trope and how you never really see them anymore, do you? Somewhere between show formats moving from mostly episodic to mostly narrative and binge watching becoming a regular thing thanks to dvds and Netflix, they just - don't seem half as common anymore?

15. Prison Break season 1.
16. Prison Break season 2.
So - I thought I should sit down and watch this, because I've enjoyed Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Captain Cold and Heatwave, and since they're starting the fifth season of this in just a few days, well, I thought I should give it a try. I actually quite enjoyed the first season - it's been a while since I watched a prison show, and the escape plan narrative keeps it moving forward towards a definite goal. Which might also be why I was less than impressed with season two. It feels a lot messier, a lot more all over the place, and it keeps moving the goal posts, which feels a bit like cheating after the first couple of times. And then it does cheat the brothers out of their freedom in the end. Dangles it and takes it and it's back in jail. I wonder if the audience back in the day had the same reaction to the plot post-jailbreak and that's why it's back in jail for nearly the entire surving cast? (Including Mahone, who - sorry, not liking.) Anyway, I do like Michael Scofield, he's the kind of sneaky bastard character I enjoy, so that's something. (But it is physically impossible for me to watch the last two seasons before the show starts, and it's not like I haven't been spoiled for the main plot points of them anyway - so the question becomes: wait until after the fifth season is done and risk being disappointed after getting used to hopefully better writing or keep watching while the new episodes also air and risk getting them all tangled up? Probably the latter...)


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