17. Legends of Tomorrow season 2.
I think I liked the first season better. And not just because Wentworth Miller was in it. It's just - they've replaced two cardboard hero types with a couple of suspiciously similar cardboard hero types, but no more Captain Cold. Just poor Mick being depressed and eventually betraying the team for a chance to get Len back, and - (Okay, I'm invested, but I'm still mad at the show.) (It doesn't help to have showrunners giving interviews about how they fixed the stuff that was wrong with the show, when to me it feels as if the stuff they've "fixed" was the stuff I liked. And yet I'll keep watching. I'm a sucker for time travel shows. (Just stumbled across a Spanish one the other day, which I'll need to sit down and watch.))

18. Escape from New York
Well, at least now I know what the references are about?

19. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
I must admit I was a little disappointed in this movie. I mean, it's got lovely effects, but the story - how do the Peculiars even have more children if all their kids are kept forever in time loops? For that matter, the villains were the most disappointing - you're really telling me that a bunch of adult Peculiars wouldn't have the skill set to fight other Peculiars?

20. The Accountant
I think this movie would have been far better as a tv show. I think - it wanted to do too much. It has a hero who is austistic, had a terrible childhood with a military dad who insisted the son learn martial arts and a mother that left, is now an accountant for the mob and secretly a superhero - or something. It's just - too much and not enough, you know? A tv show could have taken it's time, but this is mostly a mess.

21. La Jetée
Well, that was creepy

22 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Somebody please tell me: why would you build an computer server library on a tropical ocean planet???? Why??? They've got entire ice planets and they build the library on the sea??? Where there's salt and sand and heat and - why???????????

23. The Magnificent Seven
I'll give it points for aiming at diversity, but sadly, this was a very boring movie. It never really manages to surprise, you know? Or be properly funny? Mostly I found myself nostalgic for the tv show (well, and the old movie and the Samurai movie, but mostly the tv show.) (Also - did Red Harvest's facepaint give anybody else associations to the Confederate flag?)


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